bad habits

I’ve been getting into a bad habit with my posts lately that I really don’t like .. I’ll post half-detailed posts about how to do something, and then months later when I look at my posts as reference, I completely forget all the little stuff that matters, and the explanation doesn’t really help much at all.  I’d be much better off starting a new page on the Gentoo Wiki instead and just doing a braindump so that anyone else can come along and edit and update it, and use that as a launching point if they wanted.

I’ll try to get away from that. 🙂

2 comments on “bad habits

  1. nightmorph

    I still maintain that that wiki is just a . Too many people use it as their dumping ground by leaving whatever they want, in bad English, and their own personal anecdotes or (worse) comments and questions right in the middle of technical directions. The dark side lies that way!

    Come on over to the official, well-maintained, much cleaner, pretty docs. Bring whatcha got. Say, didn’t you promise me some kinda mplayer or other multimedia doc months ago?!

  2. nightmorph

    Hmm, none of that comment came out right; the html got mis-formatted. Was supposed to be “that wiki is just a dump”, with dump EMphasized, and then nothing else emphasized until “pretty” in the second paragraph. Um. Epic html fail on my part. Oops. Feel free to edit that comment then, if you’d like. Or delete, whichever!


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