batman begins

I have a old score that’s starting to grow on me. I bought the Batman Begins soundtrack when it first came out, and I didn’t like it much. The other day I was looking for something “different” to listen to, and saw this one that I hadn’t checked out in a while. It’s good stuff, really grows on you.

Normally I don’t like scores to any kind of action movies, but this one doesn’t really fit the bill. It slowly escalates, and never gets really nerve-wracking fast. The main theme is repeated a couple of times, and that’s usually bothersome, but it’s done well and spaced pretty far apart in this one. Another cool thing is each of the tracks is named after a different species of bat.

I likey.  It’s got that “haunting” feel to it.  I’d put it in the same listening category as Krull and Dragonheart.

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