the system is down

Oy, I’ve been having my share of computer problems lately, least of all have been with my website (if you haven’t noticed).

First of all, the other week I decided I was tired of hosting my website and dev stuff at home, and it was time to move on after sucessfully running everything fine for about 10 months here. That didn’t work out too well. The host I went was doing something funky with their webserver, and so I’d get 500 internal errors every other time I visited my pages. Not good. Then I hastened to move everything back to my old setup, and my email was down for a bit as I had to get my DNS records all changed around again. That wasn’t good either. I’m back online at home now, but things still aren’t working that great.

On Sunday I decided to swap parts in my two main amd64 boxes — my desktop and my gaming box. Well, as I was trying to pull the CPU fan off of the motherboard, I yanked out the processor at the same time. Whoops. So much for a chip I only bought like three months ago. About twelve of the pins were bent, with four of them unsalvagable and one broke off while trying to fix it. Ah well. Then I ended up selling my other box to Jason so he could write some music again. A good cause, of course, but now I’m down two computers.

So I’ve unceremoniously dumped everything into my server and I’m using that as my desktop. This thing has six harddrives in it now, with 1.5 TB of data. Crazy. Since I’m using it as my desktop now, I had to quickly setup a different server (I had five desktops, now I have three) to host my pages. My blog is working, but that’s about it. All the development stuff is down (trac, etc) until I have time to get it back up and running. And of course my myth box is dead too, but I’m just running cron jobs to record what I want, which is actually much simpler and safer anyway.

Now I’m just looking for a place to host, and trying to decide whether to keep it at home still or not. The problem I have with webhosts is they usually hate me because I need such a wide range of services (trac, php5, postgresql, mysql, sqlite2 and 3, ssh) and most of the ones I’ve seen always tend to do *something* funky to their apache+php setup so that you always have to do something weird to get it working right on just their host. Bah.

On the plus side though …. today is Halloween and I get to eat all the candy I want. 😀 There was a great Malcolm on last night, too.

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