fortune-mod-scriptures: gentoo ebuilds ready for testing!

Okay, these are my first ebuilds that I’m really serious about (apologies to those sitting in b.g.o that never got accepted), so I’m hoping someone will help me out and test these for me. They should be okay, but if you want to peek at the ebuild structure and rip on it, that would be even better. I find the whole ebuild developer documentation confusing — not because it isn’t well written, just because there are a lot of variables to it, and what I’m trying to accomplish is actually really, really simple (drop a few files into a directory). Yes, I’m a perfectionist sometimes.

So, without further ado, here’s where you can download the overlay:

Just unpack the tarball in your PORTDIR_OVERLAY directory, and it will create games-misc/fortune-mod-mormon and games-misc/fortune-mod-scriptures directories along with the digests. You should just be ready to do emerge fortune-mod-mormon from there. Plus, it will pull the tarballs of the packages straight from sourceforge (isn’t that cool) so you don’t need anything else.

And if it breaks your entire system, well, you’re using Gentoo. You asked for it. 🙂

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