mythtv woes

I have a bad habit of breaking things on a regular basis. Only at home though. At work, I’m actually uber-conservative .. it’s just too bad some of that common sense won’t translate to my setups at home.

The main purpose of my server is to run mythtv, which I’ve broken again. Right now my commercial flagging isn’t working properly at all, and I can’t seem to find a fix for it. Not that I’ve really tried, much more than changing my kernel, running the development version, changing mysql and all my backend preferences. But other than that, I can’t pinpoint the reason.

So, I decided I should do a sort of a version freeze on the installation. From now on I’m just gonna use this: 2.6.14 gentoo-sources kernel (with no pre-emption), alsa 1.0.10 libraries, mysql 4.0.x and the latest mythtv ebuild. That’s quite a step down from all the random configs and version changes I’ve been flinging at it lately.

Hopefully things will run more smoothly. I really can’t stand commercials, and I’d do just about anything to get rid of those. Maybe even run a stable system and read the documentation. It’s worth a shot.

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