ivtv-0.8.1 released

Just another quick Gentoo public service announcement. Hans released a new version of ivtv, v0.8.1, and this comes with a lot of cool updates. It’s already been bumped in portage as well, so for those of you using Hauppage PVR cards, give it a whirl. Note that you’ll have to install it with a 2.6.18 kernel because of the new MPEG2 API.

I’ve been crazy busy lately, but I installed mine and managed to record and watch about 15 seconds of TV just fine with MPlayer’s new PVR functionality, so it seems like it’s okay. I’ve been rebuilding my server all weekend, and hopefully I’ll get around to finishing up with mythtv and testing it out again. With luck, my squelchy audio issues will go away too. 🙂

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