more mythtv woes

I’m convinced MythTV hates me, personally. I broke my long-standing unbreakable rule last night of never upgrading anything. And now MythTV is broken again. 🙂

Actually, I had to do a little tweaking. My kernel segfaulted while doing an emerge –sync. After poking around a bit, I found out that the partition was slightly corrupted (thank goodness for RAID). So I cleaned that up, and then I decided to upgrade to 2.6.16 since I’d heard that people were having success with it with my TV tuner.

The kernel upgrade actually went without a hitch. I had to upgrade my alsa libraries as well to 1.0.11, and as near as I can tell, that’s what threw myth for a loop. Naturally, everything else still works fine with ALSA (including MPlayer with all my funkalicious configs), just not this. It throws some weird error like ‘Cannot apply ALSA parameters’ or something or other when I change the audio device to “ALSA:default”. /dev/dsp doesn’t throw any errors, but it doesn’t produce any sound, either. And my mixer levels haven’t changed at all, so I’m pretty lost on what it could be.

I’m stuck with the only option that I can think of, and it scares me to death — upgrading MythTV. I’m running a fairly old 0.19 developer snapshot that’s had some bugs, but overall has been working great for me. I’m scared to touch it, but with Myth it’s always a gamble — you never know what’s gonna fix (or break) it next.

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