mplayer, dvdnav support

Oh yah, I remembered what the other thing was on MPlayer — dvdnav support is back in.  Duh.  How could I miss that one?

The use flag is masked, so you’ll have to unmask it to use it, but if you do it will pull in the forked libdvdnav and libdvdread as a dependency.  After that, you can use mplayer dvdnav:// to get funky, sexy menus when watching DVDs.  Whee!

Here’s how to unmask a use flag:

mkdir -p /etc/portage/profile/

echo media-video/mplayer -dvdnav >> /etc/portage/profile/package.use.mask

Then just set enable the dvdnav use flag for the package as normal.  Personally, I like flagedit.

flagedit media-video/mplayer dvdnav

7 comments on “mplayer, dvdnav support

  1. Christian Glindkamp

    It should be noted that when using dvdnav libdvdcss has to be manually merged to watch encrypted DVDs. The masked version of libdvdread misses the libdvdcss dependency.

  2. Milan

    I really don’t like what you did with those use masks. Now I have to edit ebuild for every new release because with paludis you can’t have use.unmask. Anyway, is it not enough to just package mask those real and dvdnav, I thought use mask is only for use flags that will never work, on some other arch for example?

  3. Milan

    No, wait, no need to edit ebuild. I just realized I don’t need amd64codecs anymore 🙂 With RV40 decoder I can play all of my .rm media, and it never worked that good i fast! Great news

  4. DKqwerty

    Kudos for using a ST:VOY DVD for your screen shot. TNG would have been cool, but VOY gets so little credit it’s nice to see it pop up every now and then.


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