mplayer, real support

MPlayer got bumped yesterday to a new snapshot (1.0_rc2_p28058), which isn’t all that interesting in itself, but there is one notable update for real codecs.

I’ve been busy masking realplayer support in portage due to issues, but libavcodec now has it’s own native decoder for RealVideo 4 (RV40).  Thanks, Kostya. 🙂

Read about it here:

Mike summarized it pretty well on his blog post:

“Also, do you dare ask why this is useful in the grand scheme of multimedia hacking? Seriously? Have you not learned by now? While it may be true that absolutely no one likes Real or their formats, there is still a huge legacy of media in the wild encoded in their formats, media that will need to be manipulated for many years to come.”

One other thing that got fixed in MPlayer that naturally only I and very few others are going to care about, is that mplayer dumpstream now supports ending chapters again.  It was removed a while back and readded recently.  It was pretty much the only reason the 1.0_rc2_p24929-r4 ebuild is still in the tree.  A specific example would be that you can do something like this: mplayer dvd:// -dumpstream -dumpfile movie.vob -chapter 2-5

Seems like there was something else that changed.  Can’t remember now, oh well.

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