mplayer + libbluray support

MPlayer just very recently got support for playback of unencrypted Blu-Ray discs using libbluray.  (Thanks to all the devs and testers! 🙂 )  Apparently development for the library is being hosted on VLC’s git servers now, something I had no idea about.  I thought the project was dead upstream.

I’m adding an ebuild for libbluray to the gentoo multimedia overlay if someone wants to access it.  It’s something I plan on pushing into the mainline tree soon enough, once it’s properly finished.

If you are building MPlayer from SVN, it will automatically detect the new library, and build against it.  You can use the -9999 ebuild in the portage tree.

To playback some of your Blu-Ray content, you will first need to extract it to your harddrive.  I use MakeMKV, also in the multimedia overlay, to accomplish that.

Here’s a simple way using the CLI to dump the contents:

$ makemkvcon backup –decrypt disc:/mnt/bluray/ <location to dump content>

The syntax for playback is:

$ mplayer br:// -bluray-device <path to dumped content>

By default, it will play the longest playlist (I think).  If you can get the list of playlists available, you can pass that as an optional parameter to br:// (fex: list_titles /home/steve/bluray/src; mplayer br://5 -bluray-device /home/steve/bluray/src).

libbluray also ships with a few example programs that do basic stuff like listing the titles (list_titles), dumping information about the playlists (mpls_dump), and a few more (sound_dump, index_dump, mobj_dump, libbluray_test, bdsplice, clpi_dump).

Have fun with it. 🙂

5 comments on “mplayer + libbluray support

  1. James

    What kind of timescale does the decryption / dumping take? Is it possible for you to decrypt to a pipe, and play directly in mplayer?

    1. Steve

      Uh, I’m not sure … on my BD-ROM drive, which I think is a 4x, it takes less than half an hour to dump everything. I don’t think you can dump it to a pipe, since the program is pretty simple. Besides, all kinds of files are coming out, not just video files. It’s just like the contents of a DVD, only part of it is actually video.

    1. Steve

      The live mplayer ebuild in the tree (using SVN) will automatically detect any libraries that are not specifically disabled through the USE flags. It’s going to automatically detect libbluray if you install it from the overlay. Once the ebuild is in the portage tree, then I’ll be adding a libblurray use flag to the mplayer ebuild. 🙂


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