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Thanks to all the comments I got on my last posts. I apologize they didn’t show up earlier, but my Spam Karma plugin flagged them wrong for some reason. Whoops. Hopefully that should be fixed, now.

One thing I totally ignored that was again my fault is that mythtv comes with a contrib directory of user-submitted tools and the like. Included in there is a little script called which does all the legwork of renaming your recorded shows for you to “Title – Episode”. It worked great on all my recordings, and so now they are much easier to index.

If you emerged mythtv, it dumps them all in /usr/share/mythtv/contrib. I’m going to take a closer look at what’s in there, and depending on how stable they are, modify the mythtv ebuilds to maybe install some of them in /usr/bin. mythrename seems pretty okay (though it could use some more documentation), but I’m not sure about any of the others. At the very least, I’m going to modify the ebuilds to add some notes that there are some extra tools if they’d like to try them out. That alone would have saved me a world of hurt.

Also, as someone commented earlier, I’m asking for problems if I’m running the SVN releases, and he’s right. Myth is one of those things I’m stupid enough to run bleeding edge and then wonder why it breaks.

As far as the NUV wrapper though, the problem is that MythTV has made changes to the format, so a standard demuxer will still have problems with it. Just run mencoder on one of them and you’ll see a bunch of errors as it tries to reencode the video. And I know that you can run tools to export it to something else, but my whole point is that I shouldn’t have to reencode it just to get it to a standard format in the first place.

But, I digress. Complaining isn’t going to get me anywhere. I’m working on actually helping out, given time.

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