cleanup, lds-scriptures 3.0_rc1

Alright, well, I cleaned up as much as I think I can get to for one day, and already it’s looking much better. I updated the homepage to display the little Christmas painting by Rembrandt that I think is just awesome. I’ve been wanting to do that for years.

I went through each section and cleaned up the links, so they should all work now. I cleaned up the content a little bit … there’s some work that still needs to be taken care of, but I’ll get to it.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve got the snapshots for the recent lds-scriptures schema that I’m working on, which will be the main downloads for the 3.0 release. It fixes a small oversight on my part in that Doctrine & Covenants was missing the answers from the verses in section 77. You can still see it on my demo page.

Other than that, if you look at it, you’ll see the schema has changed completely. Basically, it’s cleaned up and normalized for once. Should make it a lot easier to query. Downloads for MySQL and PostgreSQL are available right here. I’m glad that’s out there. I feel a lot better now. I’ll get to the other ones, but it takes a little time to get them exported to the other formats, and then I want to finish the documentation (I have to rewrite almost the entire DocBook) and get it polished before pushing out the final package. Until then, comments are welcome about the current format.

I know the database is being used in a couple of third-party applications, and I feel really bad for putting this off for so long. It’s just something I’ve never seemed to get around to. Bah. No excuse, really. Sorry, guys.

One last major thing to do is to bring the Gospel Art Gallery back online. It was really popular back in the day, and I made it because I thought it was so hard to find LDS artwork in a central location. I’ve got to work out a few issues due to copyright, but I should have something up real soon. I’ve still got all the old code, just need to add some FAQs and stuff.

That’s gonna be it for today, I think. Making progress. 🙂

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