Something else I’m working on, related to alan-one, is I’m finally moving back to my own hosting so I can properly take responsibility for it once more.

Most people have probably never heard of the site, since I never mention it, and my interest in working in it dropped off sharply about three years ago, and has been sputtering since then. The Nephite Network is basically a collection of small LDS websites that I like to put together on my own.

One reason for making it oh so long ago was that I noticed it was incredibly hard to find gospel websites related to my religion that were clearly non-biased and actually produced by faithful members. Hopefully it’s evident on this one which camp I belong to.

I realize right now that the content is extremely slim. In fact, the two major sections have been taken down to be revamped — Gospel Art Gallery and Family Theater Old Time Radio. I’m working on getting them back online … at least, I’ve got some ideas mulling about in my head and I’ve got to get to work on them, so hopefully sometime this year they will reappear. That’s my goal at least.

The one I’m really excited to work on, and it’s always been an extremely fun project for me, is the Scriptures website, where I have imported the entire canon of LDS scriptures into a few databases and then made them freely available for download. My last real big release was two years ago, almost to the day, and I’ve learned a lot more about databases since then. In fact, it is absolutely amazing to me how I managed to get so much stuff done with such a limited knowledge before. It just stands as a testament to me that the Lord has been helping me out. I honestly can’t take any credit for the milestones I’ve achieved.

I’m also planning on poking at the Mormon Documentation Project again. Since we just had General Conference the other week, it’s gotten me interested in working on the CDDB files again. I have no idea if anyone uses those or not, but I find them helfpul, and I’ve got almost all the disc sets anyway, so I don’t mind cleaning them up and passing them along. Also, the timeline project I started on so long ago looks like it’d be really fun to pick up again. I’ve been getting it in my head that I want to go back to doing a serious study of the scriptures again, and having a little project on the side to categorize my findings helps me both understand what I’m studying and motivate me to move along as well.

I don’t know how many of these lofty goals I’ll be able to actualy attend to, but I’m glad that the interest is at least buzzing once more … that for sure means that something will happen pretty soon. I tell you what. 🙂

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