new monitor on the way

Well, I bought a new monitor yesterday on New Egg. And I feel a little bit poorer today. I did some more research, and actually ended up with a ViewSonic instead of a Samsung, for one very important reason: the box has a picture of a dragon on it.

24-116-401-02Actually, I’ve always wanted to get another ViewSonic. The first CRT monitor I bought myself was one, and I remember it was really nice. Plus (and this’ll really give away how old I’m getting), I remember when VGA was just first coming out — and how incredibly cool it was that you could have 256 colors instead of 16 — and I remember thinking the ViewSonics back then always looked nicer than the others too. So, there ya go.

The specs look good, though. It’s only got a max res of 1920×1080, but I think that’ll be fine. I was hoping to get an HDMI input, and this one has one. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but kind of nice to have just in case. Actually, I don’t really know what any of the specs mean … all I know is this one can tilt, so I’m happy. A monitor is probably the only thing when it comes to computers that I’m pretty indifferent about. I imagine it’ll be fine.

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