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I’m actually starting to like it when any planet problems pop up, because I’ve been systematically weeding them out one by one. The frequency of one user “spamming” the feed has been going down quite a bit. I think I found the major culprit for most every case though: Planet combined with WordPress’ Atom feeds.

I don’t know if this is to spec or not, but some version of WordPress sometimes will set the updated date to all posts, regardless of their original publish date. The default planet configuration is to display the posts that fall within the recent date range, using updated over published when pulling the Atom XML files.

What I have been doing is just tweaking each user’s config whenever the problem arises and then flushing the cache and repulling everything, and that has worked out well. Today, I finally went on the warpath a bit for Planet Larry, and just changed everyone’s config who was using an Atom feed to use their RSS2 one instead. Plus, I globally set the config to ignore the “updated” tag in feeds (in case any Atom ones do creep in).

I guess I’ll see what happens for now. Hopefully, less issues.

Edit: And, of course, after clearing the cache … one gets through. Rawr.

Edit: That won’t work either, it screws up LiveJournal posts.  Bleh.  Well, I think it’s all fixed now, though Google Reader might be whacked for a bit … but they’re doing some caching on their end, too, not much I can do about that.

3 comments on “planet feeds

  1. Philantrop

    “The frequency of one user “spamming” the feed has been going down quite a bit.”

    Hm… Does Diego know that? 😉

  2. WeLoveWP

    WordPress was developed in 2003 as a means to simplify internet discussions, but it has quickly been adopted as one of the greatest blogging programs used worldwide. Unfortunately, with this comes the ones that can’t leave a great enough thing alone, spamming the feed is ridiculous…………………….UGHHHHHHH


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