I’ve just updated my apache config, and and now have a permanent redirect to

There’s no need to update your RSS readers if it handles redirects okay, but eventually the content for the main domain name will change — not anytime soon, though, that’s for sure, I have zero plans right now. Even when I do change to something else, I’ll still have the RSS feeds redirect so as not to break anyone’s feed.

Anyway, you’ll see why I’m moving to a subdomain here in a day or so.

Edit: More spring cleaning, now Universe has its own subdomain as well:

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  1. Sampo

    So what is point of recreating and Seems like a duplication of effort.

  2. Steve

    I’m not recreating One is for developers, one is for users.

    As far as packages, mine has more features, and is written in a different language and uses a different backend, plus, it’s a reinitilization of the original design and functionality, which lots of people liked (including me).


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