star trek on blu-ray: the search for spock

I love this movie.  This underdog of a Star Trek film ranks high with me for a lot of reasons.  For one, the whole thing is mostly just kind of a slow-moving backstory, going into character depth quite a lot.  Sure, it would have made a good episode, but it’s drawn out, and done well.  It’s not as exciting or thrilling as the others, but it stands as a good drama.  I love it.  And watching it on Blu-Ray was great, too. 🙂

The colors in this one reminded me a lot of watching The Motion Picture.  I noticed this time, that the most vibrant colors are always present when they are docked somewhere, either at the space station, or the interior shots of the ship.  That’s where the variety is and it really shows off how crisp and clean the transfer is.  It just looks great.

This was also one of those films that just kept taunting me, wishing I had a better surround sound system (in fact, I bought a new center speaker this weekend, but I had already watched and sent back the movie.  Doh!).  I really liked the score … heck, I love everything about this movie.

The Search for Spock can best be described as filler material.  It bridges the story of bringing Spock back to life immediately after he died in Wrath of Khan, and it also is the launching point for the events in The Voyage Home.  In fact, that’s the part I like the most — that Star Trek II through IV are all one big story, told sequentially and chronologically in order.

I should get Star Trek IV either today or tomorrow from Netflix.  I can’t wait for that one, either.

My verdict for this one though would definitely be to buy.  It was so good.  The colors were great, and smooth, and vibrant, and it just looked like a well done upgrade.

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