star trek on blu-ray: the voyage home

I just got finished watching The Voyage Home on Blu-Ray.  It was nice.  I haven’t seen that movie in too long, that I can remember.  I think my interest is fading though.  I stopped the movie at least four times that I can recall to go and do something else.  That’s actually pretty common for me, to leave a movie and come back later (which is why I loathe Blu-Ray’s lack of universal resume play), but for a movie I like so much, it’s a little odd.  Comparatively, I think I watched all of Star Trek III through non-stop.  Oh, well.

The movie was good.  I wasn’t really paying attention the video this time though.  It was nicer, though, than the DVD.  One thing I managed to notice this time around is that while they did a good transfer, they didn’t bother cleaning up the material at all.  That is, the age of the special effects really shine through when it is shown in such clarity (and in fact, I can remember noticing some of them when I watched it in the theater as a kid … that’s one thing I’m proud of, I got to see all the Star Trek movies since IV on the big screen when they were originally released).  They could have cleaned it up a bit, but didn’t bother.  Again, I’m gonna gamble and say that they will probably have an “improved” release version in a few years or so.

I think I need to give the Star Trek movies a break for a bit.  I’m running out of steam.  Well, that, and I hate watching movies knowing I’m gonna review them later.  Sometimes it makes me watch them more critically instead of being able to enjoy it.  That wasn’t the case this time though.

Alright, I’m tired, and it shows, so I’ll just end it there.  It may be a while til the next Star Trek movie though.  I just checked my queue, and it’s Insurrection.  I actually liked that one, too.

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