what did you wanna be growing up?

I saw this post over at mental floss this morning, and I like the question — what did you wanna be when you were growing up?  It’s a cool rhetorical question that I remember asking myself when I was younger a lot, but I never really could come up with an answer.  I’m still not sure what I wanna do.  I *never* wanted to go into computers though.

My dream job, though, is to go back to working at the movie theater.  Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, none of them have happier memories.

Growing up, though, I remember in high school one thing I had settled my mind on was that I wanted to be a marine biologist.  I sucked at sciences in school, but I really liked biology, and with some real study on my part, I actually understood it.  On top of that, I took classes and was a registered scuba diver at the age or 14.  That was really intense, getting certified.  Diving is fun, too.

I still don’t know what I wanna do, though.  My main area of scientific interest now is psychology and sociology.  It’s the one subject that I never get tired of.  I don’t have any kind of schooling in that area (though I never got a degree in computer science, either), so I can’t really make a career change right now.

Ideally, though, my dream job is still just having one where it’s low stress, low key, and I enjoy working with people I like.  I’d have to sort out a few things in my life before I can manage to do that again, though.

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