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Category: Multimedia

in praise of good dvd authoring

Warner Brothers has always, in my book, put out the best DVDs of the major studios. I’m not talking about movies, but the technology. They backed the format when it first came out, were the first to release special edtion DVDs, and after all these years, their DVDs are still easy to watch.

Case in point, I was watching the first season of Without a Trace on DVD. The season finale was a two-part episode. Now, it would be easy for someone at the wheel to be a little lazy and just drop the two episodes on there as they were originally aired onto the disc — that is, in two seperate sections. These guys, however, did not drop the ball. I watched the two-parter as it if was one very long film. They never even broke the credits for the second one, and I was never able to tell where one episode finished and the other began.